Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Comic"al Decor

I found a really great way to transform old paper into special event decor.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of working on a client's Bat Mitzvah where we incorporated the Sunday Comics into the theme.  It took a little vision and creativity to make it work, but once I had it figured out, executing it was pretty easy.
The Goal:
Incorporate the client’s love of the Sunday Comics into her décor.
The Challenge:
Doing it without violating copyrights.
The Solution:
Order a licensed poster for the sign-in board and mount it to poster board.  Add a title and the date with assistance of coordinating paper and my Cricut machine.
Place cards made of recycled Sunday Comics from the past year.  Friends and family of the young lady being Bat Mitzvahed collected the comics from October through March which I cut into 4x6 sizes, laminated , folded and then labeled with clear labels with seating assignments.
It was a great way to bring a "green" aspect into the event planning process as well as incorporate one of her favorite things.  Who knew old Sunday funnies could have such a great second life?

Table Numbers made of recycled Sunday Comics.  In keeping with the place cards, I laminated 16 additional comic clips and numbered them.  I then attached them to Lucite sticks which we were able to plant in the centerpieces.
The Result:
A really cool and colorful way to do place cards, table numbers and a sign-in board while recycling the Sunday Comics.

It was pretty easy to do, it just took time.  You can do this with any old paper - wrapping paper, old coloring books, cardstock, patterned paper, journal paper and other type of paper you can think of. Check out the Ideas section for instructions on how to make the place cards and table numbers.

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