About Me

Since starting my blog, I have gone from  a work-from-home mother who specializes in raising a daughter, being a wife, selling invitations and stationery and planning special events for others to a full time working mother of two amazing girls, still a wife, who still has the dream of creating a balanced world where I could be a mom, a wife and a professional.  Today, I am a successful meeting planner who still has a passion for paper. 

When I am not traveling for work or planning meetings, you will find me spending quality time with my family.  I still carry my camera around and my oldest daughter has joined me in my hobby of taking photos.  She has a passion for crafting and you can always find her with paper, pencils, stickers and paint, trying to figure out new ways of combining mediums.
My passion for paper is ever evolving.  Since closing my business in the beginning of 2014 to transition my focus completely to my full time meeting planning job, I have left the world of invitations and stationary, though from time to time I still received inquiries and it tugs at my heart strings to start that portion of my business again, but I know that I just don't have the time to do it all.  

So now, I focus more on my scrapbook projects and finding time to work with paper that way.  
My guilty pleasure is going to the craft and paper stores.  I can stand for hours (when I have a few) in the paper isles, searching through all the new patterns, checking the quality of the solid stock and feeling the new textured papers.  While I may always gravitate back to some standard color schemes and solid card stocks, I'm always on the look-out for that unique pattern or textured paper that just might do the trick when you have that one photo you just don't know what to do with.

But my paper passion doesn't stop there...it also translates into my own personal library.  I've been collecting books throughout my life.  I love to read, though time doesn't always permit.  But when it does, there is nothing like a good hard back book to curl up with in bed or a soft paperback to fold open on the beach!  While I'm all for being "Green" - happy to lend you one of my books - with all the time I spend on the computer for work (and pleasure), I'm just not interested in reading my books for pleasure on a screen.  There's just something too fast pace about it.
So please feel free to follow me, share with me and debate with me as I share my passion for paper!