Monday, May 30, 2011

Two Peas In A Bucket

I can't believe it, but for the first time this year, I actually used my scrapbook tools, papers and photos to scrapbook.  I did my first two pages of the year and here is the one that I actually completed. 

The pictures are from November 2009 and it was my daughter's first trip to Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ.  The papers I used were from Embroidered Papers and Cosmo Cricket.  The Embroidered Papers was a ready-to-use kit I picked up at either a CK Convention or a Scrapping retreat back in the day when I was scrapping a lot of skiing trips.  As it turned out, the embroidered design on the paper looked a lot like the coral reefs in the tanks and worked perfectly with the photos.

The fish paper is from Cosmo Cricket.  The actual paper title was Snorkel: School's Out and the second side was More Fish in the Sea.  Again, I don't exactly remember where I picked up this paper, but I purchased it in late 2009 or 2010, after I took these pictures, with the full intention of using the paper for this trip to the aquarium.

With a little creativity and some added embellishments, I was able to create a nice layout for her first year scrapbook.  Hopefully I'll be able to continue to work on it over the summer and will post some of my better paper pieces for you to see as I go along.

Earlier this week, I re-posted an article from my friend Kim's blog.  As a result, I got an interesting inquiry from another friend of mine who wanted to know where she could find good scrapping supplies in our area (southeastern PA).  Unfortunately, a lot of the independent scrapbook stores in our area have closed over the years.  They haven't been able to keep up with the bigger craft stores.  However, I remembered there was a store that is fairly local to me opened for a while, then closed its retail shop in favor of its online store when the recession hit.  Today, when I went to check if they were still operating their online site, it said they had reopened their retail location.  I wish them the best of luck and hope they continue to do well!

But for those of you who are comfortable buying online, I came across.

This online store is amazing.  It is well designed.  They offer great products and have everything for traditional paper crafters as well as digital crafters.  They even have online classes and video workshops/demonstrations that you can watch for free. 

So if you're in need of a new place to shop for paper, please check out Two Peas in a Bucket.  Click here if you would like to subscribe to coupon deals for Two Peas in a Bucket and watch my blog for updates and specials.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Escape into Scrapping Fun!: Win a FREE Echo Park Paper Collection!

This is a re-post of my friend and fellow paper lover, Kim Sheller's Blog.  She is the Owner of Creative Expressions Scrapbooking Escapes and is running a contest through tomorrow.  She's currently trying to decide which Echo Park Paper Collection to order. 

The Paper Princess has already weighed in on this and now it's your turn!

Visit the link below, help her decide and be entered to win a FREE Echo Park Paper Collection.

Escape into Scrapping Fun!: Win a FREE Echo Park Paper Collection!: "Echo Park Paper Company is one of my new favorite paper lines! It is so fun, bright & cheerful! But I need your help... I want to order some of the collections to have on hand at the weekend escapes and the online store.  Problem is, I just can't decide which ones to get.  So I am asking for YOUR help!  For all who comment on this post or the facebook post, you will be entered to win a FREE Echo Park Paper Collection when I place the first order!  

Please leave a comment below by Friday, 5/27 with your favorite collection and why.  You could be the LUCKY winner!!!  I will announce the winner after the holiday weekend on Tuesday, 5/31.

Thanks for participating!!!  I appreciate it :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Comic"al Decor

I found a really great way to transform old paper into special event decor.  This past weekend I had the pleasure of working on a client's Bat Mitzvah where we incorporated the Sunday Comics into the theme.  It took a little vision and creativity to make it work, but once I had it figured out, executing it was pretty easy.
The Goal:
Incorporate the client’s love of the Sunday Comics into her d├ęcor.
The Challenge:
Doing it without violating copyrights.
The Solution:
Order a licensed poster for the sign-in board and mount it to poster board.  Add a title and the date with assistance of coordinating paper and my Cricut machine.
Place cards made of recycled Sunday Comics from the past year.  Friends and family of the young lady being Bat Mitzvahed collected the comics from October through March which I cut into 4x6 sizes, laminated , folded and then labeled with clear labels with seating assignments.
It was a great way to bring a "green" aspect into the event planning process as well as incorporate one of her favorite things.  Who knew old Sunday funnies could have such a great second life?

Table Numbers made of recycled Sunday Comics.  In keeping with the place cards, I laminated 16 additional comic clips and numbered them.  I then attached them to Lucite sticks which we were able to plant in the centerpieces.
The Result:
A really cool and colorful way to do place cards, table numbers and a sign-in board while recycling the Sunday Comics.

It was pretty easy to do, it just took time.  You can do this with any old paper - wrapping paper, old coloring books, cardstock, patterned paper, journal paper and other type of paper you can think of. Check out the Ideas section for instructions on how to make the place cards and table numbers.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Paper Princess's Paper Picks and Tricks

I just finished reading my May/June Paper Craft Magazine.  It was mostly about making cards for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  However there were a couple of things that I thought might be of interest to share with you. 
New Collection!  BasicGrey, one of my favorite paper companies, was advertising its new collection of papers - Life of the Party.

It looks like a really great line that will be perfect for scrapping your favorite party photos.  I’ve been able to find it on occasion at various A.C. Moore Stores and random craft supply stores in my area, but it’s been hit or miss for the most part.  So, since I have a business that lends itself to carrying craft papers and fabrics, I’m working on opening a retail account with them.  Stay tuned for more information on availability.
Cards, Cards and More Cards.  This issue focused mainly on card crafts for May and June.  Since Mother’s Day had already passed, those cards weren’t as appealing to me as the ones for Father’s Day.
  As I was looking at the cards, I realized that I actually have this paper sitting in my paper stash.  While I won’t be making this card, it gave me some ideas for future scrapbook pages.   If you would like the instructions for the card though, visit

They also provide ideas for teacher appreciation cards.  If you are looking to do something special for your child’s teacher(s) this year, consider making a homemade card.  Anyone can buy a ready-made card, sign it from you and your child and send it into school.  If that is all you have time for, that’s great. I’m sure your child’s teacher will be most appreciative. 
However, if you have a little more time, consider making a homemade card with your child.   If you’re a scrapper, card-maker or crafter, then you probably have the materials around to create a card.  If you don’t, there are plenty of online resources – like and that have pages and pages of templates, lists of supplies and tips for creating that perfect card. 
One of the things that I’ve been encouraging my daughter to do is be creative.  While she may be too little to cut out the patterns and write the actual sentiment for the card, she is not too little to paste the paper and embellishments together.  She and I can sit for an hour or more, working on paper projects together.  For cards, I will cut or fold the paper for her and then give her stickers, kid-safe/friendly markers and other embellishments to use to decorate the card.  If you don’t want to write in the card and your child is too young to write, try giving them appropriate sentiment stickers to stick in the card.  Don’t worry if they are upside down or catawampus, that’s part of the charm and makes the card unique to them and their personality.
If you don’t have scrapbook paper or craft paper lying around, but you have loads of “art” projects from school, consider using one of them to make the card.  It’s a great way to use something that your child made and give it new life instead of making its way into the tired art portfolio or the ever loving recycle bin at the end of the year.
If you’re child’s teacher has been encouraging creativity in the classroom they will love the specially made card just for them.  Who knows, they may even keep it as a memento.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sad Stacks and Left Over Paper

If you're a scrapbooker like me, you may have quite a few partially used blocks and stacks of scrapbook paper that you thought at one time were perfect for your project or album.  As it turns out, the paper didn't quite coordinated with the photos you were scrapping or you never got to use it and now you're done with the album.  The paper is just sitting in a your organizer, taking up valuable space, getting dusty, fading, and lonely.

So what's a paper lover to do?  Well, here are a few ideas of how to put that sad stack of paper to good use.

1.  Got Kids?  Give it to them.  Let them get creative with it.  Everything from making their own scrapbook pages to paper arts 'n crafts projects.  If they are too young, sit down and do a project together with them.  There are lots of great craft ideas online.  Download templates and instructions if you need too. 

This past fall, I found some faded orange and black paper.  I sat down with my daughter, who was 18 months at the time, and together we made paper pumpkins for Halloween. We added some details with black markers and crayons and presto we had jack-o-lanterns.

I then found some paper in my Old World Stack.  It was an antique brown paper with a design I knew would never coordinate with anything I would scrapbook in the near future.  I drew leaf patterns on the white side and cut them up.  I gave them to my daughter to crumple them up.  She loved it!  Next we took a  little walnut distressed ink and stickles.  With in minutes we made fall leaves to go along with our jack-o-lanterns.  Then we took them and decorated the windows.  We both had a fun and it was a great way to use up some left over paper.  Note - always make sure the little ones are supervised with scissors and any materials that may destroy your furniture, walls, and/or carpets.

2.  Paper swap.  What's old and unusable to you, may be new and perfect for someone else.  Compile a pile of coordinated papers from your stack (if you can swing it 2 of each paper) and make-up a couple swap kits.  Then the next time you are with your scrapping friends see if they would be interested in swapping papers.  It's a great way to rotate your inventory without spending money.

In the past when I've been on my scrapping retreats, we often have a share table.  We take out papers that we don't want and put them on the table for others to use.  I know I've put out some of my leftovers and have definitely picked up a few that have helped me with my albums.

3.  Donate it.  If you don't want to use it for your own projects or the paper is not perfect for a scrapbook, then consider donating it to a local pre-school or daycare.  I know they are always looking for art supplies and any donated materials are always welcome.  Just check with the person in charge to make sure they can use it or before you drop it off.  The last thing you want to do is have them throw it out.

Of course there are many more things you can do with that paper.  If you've got a favorite idea, please feel free to share it!  I'd love to hear what you do with your paper.