Place Card and Table Number Instructions

Place cards:
You will need, a paper trimmer, laminator, 4”x6” laminating pockets (as many as you will need), bone folder, a good collection of Sunday comics (depending on how you cut the paper, especially if you’re trying to capture the comic, you can get 5-6 cuts from each section), clear labels.
1.       Cut the comics down to size.  You will need to cut them to a width of 3 ½” and minimum of 5 1/2” in length (so you can seal the pocket).  You can go longer but you will have to fold them.  Cut all the comics out at once and make sure you have enough for the actual number of place cards that you will need plus a few extra in case of wrinkles, splits or melt-downs.
2.       Turn the Laminator on and let it warm up.
3.       Place the comic inside the laminating pocket.  One per pocket please.  You will want to line a couple up at a time to make the process move a little quicker.
4.       Once the laminator is ready, guide the pocket through the machine so it will seal.  For the best seal make sure there is at least a 1/4” border all the way around the comic.  That will help when you fold them to keep them from splitting at the seams.
5.       Lay them flat once they are sealed to keep them from bending till you are ready to fold them.
6.       Make sure you follow the instructions on how to use your laminator for best results.
7.       Once all the comics are laminated, they are ready for labels.  Mail merge your seating assignments into a label document and print on clear labels.
8.       Give your labels 12 hours to dry before you affix them to the cards.  This will help keep them from smudging. 
9.       Apply labels .
10.   Fold cards.  You can use a bone folder to create a clean folded edge.
Tip – if your cards are standing up, try rubber banding them together overnight and placing a heavy book on top.  If you are still having trouble, try a glue dot on the inside seam to help hold it together. 
Table Numbers:
Follow the cutting and laminating instructions above for the cards. 
However, instead of folding the cards, keep them flat.  Print out table numbers on the clear labels, as many as you need and then affix them to the cards.
You can then either put them in frames or affix clear acrylic dowels to the back with clear tape and stick them in your centerpieces.

What to do with Unwanted Scrapbook Paper

If you're a scrapbooker like me, you may have quite a few partially used blocks and stacks of scrapbook paper that you thought at one time were perfect for your project or album but as it turns out wasn't quite coordinated for the photos you were scrapping or you never got to use it.  Now it's just sitting in a your organizer, getting dusty, fading, and lonely.

So what's a paper lover to do?  Well, here are a few ideas of how to put that sad stack of paper to good use.

1.  Got Kids?  Give it to them.  Let them get creative with it.  Everything from making their own scrapbook pages to paper arts 'n crafts projects.  If they are too young, sit down and do a project together with them.  This past fall, I found some faded orange paper and some antique brown paper with some design on it that I knew I was never going to use in a layout.  I sat down with my daughter, who was 18 months at the time, and made paper pumpkins for Halloween with the orange paper and black markers. 

With the antique brown paper from the Old World Stack and a little walnut distressed ink, we made leaves.  Then we took them and decorated the windows.  We both had a fun and it was a great way to use up some left over paper.  Note - always make sure the little ones are supervised with scissors.

2.  Paper swap.  What's old and unusable to you, may be new and perfect for someone else.  Compile a pile of coordinated papers from your stack (if you can swing it 2 of each paper) and make-up a couple swap kits.  Then the next time you are with your scrapping friends see if they would be interested in swapping papers.  It's a great way to rotate your inventory without spending money.

3.  Donate it.  If you don't want to use it for your own projects or the paper is not perfect for a scrapbook, then consider donating it to a local pre-school or daycare.  I know they are always looking for art supplies and any donated materials are always welcome. 

If you have ideas of what you like to do with left over paper, please feel free to share it with the Paper Princess.