Thursday, September 19, 2013

Paper Changes...

I can't believe 2013 has come and gone.  It is now 2014 and our youngest turned one in January.   We  went on our first family vacation in February and survived.  After six years of owning and running a successful event planing and invitation business, I have closed my doors and am pursing other opportunities in the meetings and events industry.  I have not had a lot if time to play with my papers and enjoy my scrapping and crafting as much as I would like due to my heavy travel schedule.  The only scrapping getaway I was able to get to was the one the weekend right before my youngest was born ( well over a year ago already wow!).  I have been slowly working on her first year smash book for her, but had to stop mid year when I sadly realized I hadn't printed any pictures from her last six months.  Oh well, put on my 2014 list of projects to complete along with out trip to Disney from 2012.

My oldest daughter is exploring new activities and finishing up her last year of preschool.  She always loves when I get out my scrap booking stuff, so this year I finally started letting her create her own pages with photos of her, her sister and her friends.  While they aren't quite like the pages I would put together, they are hers - raw and unguided.  I even gave her an album for her to keep them in and she can add to it when ever she wants too.  I figure that as she grows and develops so to will her pages and by keeping them in one place, she can one day go back and see the evolution of her scrapping.  

My MIL even got her a scrapbook to do as a activity.  It is more of a guided activity book that she can put pictures and stickers in, while my MIL supervises her, but she cuts the paper, puts down the tape and glues in the pictures.  She is always very proud of her creations.

I will continue to support her in her creative efforts and hope that she will allow me to guide her as we sit and scrap together in the future.

So as 2014 pushes forward we say hello to all the changes we will face this year and hopefully together we will be able to document them in and with paper.

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